Marriage Reflections

A Moment of Thankfulness

Story time. But first, let me set the stage. Michael likes to chill in bed on Saturday mornings and watch his favorite 90-minute show. He’s comfy there and has everything he needs, so I don’t worry too much about him when he’s laying down. He wears Apple AirPods, uses a Mac, and we have a HomePod mini in the bedroom if all else fails. So thanks to Siri, he can control his volume, open apps, turn on music, and call me or send a text if he needs anything. I turn my ringer on when I leave the house, for any eventualities.

One Saturday morning, I wanted to do my daily workout and get in my Saturday run, but I procrastinated and started late. By the time I was done, Michael’s show only had twenty minutes left, which wasn’t enough, so I chilled until it was over. I had just decided to help him get up first and go for my run afterwards, but when I mentioned it, he was fine with waiting for me. He enjoys his lazy Saturday morning. So we put on his YouTube ‘watch later’ playlist, and I headed out, happy to get it in early.

The weather was beautiful and warm, and I really relaxed and enjoyed myself. When I got home, I went to see if Michael needed anything right away, and come to find out, his playlist had stopped right after I left the house, and none of his devices were working because the internet had cut out for a minute. Things had gotten wonky and didn’t restore themselves properly when the wifi came back, so he couldn’t call me or even tell the HomePod to play a podcast or music to kill the time. Well, I was properly dismayed, hit by caregiver’s guilt that I was out enjoying myself in the sunshine while Michael had to wait with absolutely nothing to do. It seemed to me, he had sacrificed getting up and having breakfast right away in order for me to do something I wanted to do that it was my own fault for not getting done in time in the first place.

However, he assured me he was fine; he had spent the time praying. I still felt guilty but was consoled by the fact that at least he was okay and hadn’t gotten uncomfortable. We proceeded with our morning.

Later on, when Michael was in the dining room on his laptop, and I was next door in the kitchen, still feeling badly about ruining his morning, I heard him start singing along with a worship music video. I looked up in surprise at him, fully immersed in his experience, and the inner tension I had been holding melted away as I saw how happy he was in that moment.

My heart filled with thankfulness for the strong, healthy relationship he has with the Lord. Instead of the morning being a bummer and throwing shade on his whole day, he used it to come closer to Jesus.

What a blessing it is to have a spouse who loves the Lord and pursues Him!

It is joyful moments like this, as well as difficult ones, that remind me to pray for Michael. As spouses, we want to be praying for one another, even in the stillness of our own hearts, because the best thing that can happen to our marriage is when each of us burns with love for the Lord.

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