Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies





Yield 75 1 1/2-2" Cookies

Here's a recipe for extra-vanilla chocolate chip cookies, that lends itself perfectly to making cookie stacks, two cookies sandwiched together with luscious, buttery frosting.

This is a pretty typical chocolate chip recipe that stems from the one my family always made. I just upped the vanilla, added walnuts, and baked them in a tiny size.




To make cookie stacks:

  • Prepare any butter-based frosting to your tastes. For these chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, I recommend taking a vanilla frosting recipe and replacing vanilla extract with maple extract and, if you like cinnamon, a pinch or more of cinnamon. Add and taste. That's the key, and frostings hold up just fine to this treatment.
  • Pair cookies with ones that are the same size, then pipe frosting onto one and lightly press the other cookie on top. Refrigerate or freeze until frosting is firm, and serve cold.

Courses Dessert

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