Ordinary Faithfulness

Sometimes the hardest thing to do, is the thing that’s right in front of you.

Let me explain. When looking for the Lord’s will, His plan, or His calling, it’s often been a search into the future. Sometimes, I’ve desired so much for the special or amazing things that He would call me to do or that He has promised, that I have forgotten what is right in front of me. 

What joy is there in doing the mundane? What pride is there in tackling the housework of today? I want the exciting adventure that God will take me on. This is what I’ve thought before. But these are lies.

Perhaps there’s something big for me, for you, that God will use us in. But today is the day that God has given me, and I honor him with everything I do. Today’s work is the work that God has given me to be faithful in. What greater way to honor him than by faithful obedience in the mundane and everyday. 

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