Pan de Mallorca





Yield 12 large rolls

Fluffy, buttery, sweet. Pan de Mallorca is a Puerto Rican-style bread that is amazing plain or combined with any savory, sweet, or spicy sandwich fillings. This recipe feeds a crowd.




These are the exact opposite of low-calorie. There is nothing low-calorie about them. Consume in moderation or eat them right before you perform a large amount of physical activity, unlike me who just ate half a roll plus a couple sausages and watermelon for breakfast and then half for a snack and have been sitting at my computer writing this post all morning.

Quick and dirty macro-nutrient analysis PSA --

Per roll: Approx. 482 calories, 67 g of carbohydrates (of which, 15 g are sugar), 9.7 g protein, and 19 g fat. 

It could be worse though. Do with it what you will. Enjoy life. Just make food choices wisely, from an informed perspective.

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