Fondue Neuchâtelose

This is Heike's favorite cheese fondue recipe from a German-language book called Fondues by Cornelia Schinharl. Fondue is a treat, so consider splurging on some higher-quality ingredients to make the most of the special occasion and to bring out the best flavor in the combination of the few ingredients needed for the recipe.




The original recipe gives a few suggestions for additional flavor options, such as fresh herbs, cayenne pepper, or mustard, that can be mixed into the final cheese mixture.

*A note about alcohol in general and kirschwasser in particular: Heike recommends that if the schnapps is not available, or if a less strong taste is desired, the same amount of white wine can be used in place of the schnapps when mixing with the cornstarch. She mentions that many people would choose not to use the extra alcohol at all and that most would probably just mix the cornstarch with a bit of cold water. The fondue will not be as strongly flavored then, which some people might like, and which children will probably prefer! 

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