The Song He Gives

More often than not, I wake up with a song in my head. I noticed this some time ago. It’s a worship song usually, or some song that reminds me of God’s goodness. The first time it happened, I was encouraged and comforted by it. It set a tone for my waking moments, when I could have easily been groggy and crabby. And it’s especially helpful during the sometimes-long nights when I’m getting up to help Michael constantly.

Generally, the songs have just come, without being looked for or expected. I’m still pleasantly surprised every time I realize that my spirit is subtly being soothed and wooed into stillness and trust by lyrics about God’s faithfulness, presence, or victory.

But last night was different. It was a rough night, with more frequent awakenings and a shortage of patience on my part. As I woke up one time, the incongruous words and melody of a pop song flitted in my brain. I noticed this and mentally balked, almost as if by retort, wondering where my helpful song was. In the same moment, one came to me and settled my spirit throughout the rest of the long night and into the morning. It was the words of Psalm 139, as sung by Sons of Korah.

If you’re not aware yet of the power of words, and especially music, in shaping our thoughts and the attitude of our innermost being, I challenge you to consider it. And I leave you with this live recording of a song that reminds me that God knows me in every aspect, is with me everywhere, and is faithful, even in moments of darkness.

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